Our Facilities
Adullam House is located near Montgomery, Alabama. We have 18 beautiful acres in the country. The land was donated to us, as well as most of the materials and labor to complete the work that has been done at Adullam House.

Houses. Photo on left-- Our older children (4 and up) live in Dorm 1, which was completed in the Fall of 2009. Dorm 2, or the Nursery, houses our children ages birth to 3.
Each dorm is built to house 24 children.
Photo on right-- We are able to provide accommodation for our full-time intern caregivers on site in our 10 bedroom, 5 bathroom Intern Dorm.
Schoolrooms.Our children attend school at Adullam House Christian Academy. We provide three levels of teaching: pre-school, young elementary, older elementary through high school. Read more about the children’s' education on our Teach the Children page.
Chapel. Our beautiful chapel was completed in 2006. We hold Sunday and Wednesday night services in the chapel, as well as morning chapel for our students before school begins.
Swimming Pool. Our swimming pool was completed in the summer of 2008. We were blessed with a very large donation from a gentleman who wanted to give us money to use specifically "for the children." After much prayer by the board members, we decided to use the money to build a swimming pool "for the children" just as the gentleman wished.