We have an ongoing list of supplies that we need for the day-to-day operation of running our ministry. Some of those items are listed below.

General supplies:

  • disposable diapers sz. 4,5,6
  • Pull-ups
  • paper plates and cups
  • any paper products
  • body wash
  • laundry detergent
  • dishwasher detergent
  • household cleaners
  • AA, C and D batteries
  • lightbulbs

Supplies for the children:

  • breakfast cereal
  • baby fruit juices (100% juice)
  • pajamas - all sizes
  • dress shoes - girls and boys
  • socks - all sizes


  • We can always use good quality toys for our toddlers.
  • Outside riding toys are in high demand for our children of any age!

Building/Landscaping supplies:

  • landscaping plants
  • paving stones
  • white gloss paint for trim
  • lamps, pictures, drapes
  • bedroom dressers
  • misc. household furniture