Q: Why the name ADULLAM HOUSE?
A: Through prayer, God showed Pete and Angie something from the story of David's life. In 1 Samuel 22 you'll see David, afraid and running for his life from King Saul.

    As a young man, by faith in the living God, David had defeated Goliath, Israel's greatest foe at the time.(1 Sam. 17:50) In doing this he won the favor of the Israelite people.(1 Sam. 18:5,7,14) This enraged King Saul to the point that he tried on many occasions to take young David's life.(1 Sam. 18:11,19:10...) With nowhere to go he found refuge in a cave called Adullam.

    In verse 2 of chapter 22 men began to gather themselves with him there, men who were in debt, distressed, discontented – the outcasts. These men made David their captain and soon became the most valiant and greatest fighting army that was ever known in that time.

    Pete and Angie believed that God would send young children, the "unseen victims of crime", who would almost certainly be destined for a life without hope to find refuge and safety in the care of "Adullam", with Christ as the Captain, just as those men found refuge with David at the cave of Adullam. Like the men of old who found refuge in the cave and became the 'mightiest fighting army' this world has ever seen, we believe that God will take many of the little lives entrusted to our care and make of them great trophies of grace.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Alabama, just outside of Montgomery. The town nearest to us is Wetumpka. Adullam House is situated on 18 beautiful wooded acres. The land was donated to us in 1995.
Q: How do mothers find Adullam House?
A: Sometimes by word of mouth, but we have a video in the chapel of the only women's prison in Alabama - Julia Tutwiler's Prison - located just a few miles from Adullam House.
Q: How is Adullam House funded?
A: We are funded solely on donations, and we do not have ANY government aid. The financial needs are enormous and we greatly appreciate the generosity of people who help support us - financially, in caregiving, in construction, and in the many, many other needs that are a daily part of running the Adullam House.
Q: Can the children be adopted?
A: We are not an adoption agency. Some of our children have been adopted in the past, but all adoption proceedings were done through private parties.
Q: How long can the children stay at Adullam House?
A: The children are part of our family. We do not "kick them out" when they are 18. God has placed them in our lives and He will guide us when we have to make decisions for the children.
Q: What kind of workers do you need?
A: Please see the OUR NEEDS area of our Web site. We have divided our needs into four different categories - caregivers, supplies, construction, donations. We appreciate ALL kinds of help!
Q: If I bring a team of workers, will there be a place for us to stay for several days?
A: We were able to acquire several travel trailers after hurricane Katrina, so we have facilities available to accommodate workers. Please contact us if you will need a place to house a team of workers.